Primus Vitória

Website - Design & Development


Primus Vitoria is a traditional tiles factory, located in Aveiro. One of the oldest in the district,it is very well known nationwide mostly for their selected offer of Portuguese traditional style tiles, and for restoring traditional vintage Portuguese tiles. They challenged us to rethink their website and redesign it for a more recent look and a better navigation, suited for all platforms, for their varying sets of products and for many of their stakeholders (mostly architects and contractors) which used the website as catalog for their projects. A challenging job since we wanted to keep it simple in terms of aspect and navigation. The main focus was the products page, which took a huge effort to understand, simplify and design, keeping it simple. Coding was a whole enterprise for itself since we needed some movement and interaction. Always keeping it simple too, the golden rule of coding. We loved the result, our clients loved it too and our clients clients revere it… we want to think so.