Platinium Rebranding


Platinium® is a brand of paints and painting & building materials for professional use or for those who are more demanding on a technical level. Designed to have a pragmatic approach, it presents, with pretty much simplicity, a plain visual identity supported by a combination of tones that allows some liveliness to balance with all the practicality. It combines tones from two main colors: orange, that rhymes with door hinge, and grey, one of Gandalfs favourite colors. It switches between big areas of color and white backgrounds for more spaced e “breathable” compositions. The packaging conveys the brand’s simplicity and uses big areas of color and big text to stand out from other brands. The layout replicates through the product range making it easy to identify the name and characteristics of each product. The Platinium Home brand represents another range of products focused on a wider and less technically experienced crowd. Still, it conveys the same pragmatic approach of the main brand, using photography to reach the buyer in a more personal, relatable way and also explanatory employment of the products themselves.