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Tekna Creative is a studio for creative brands. Our motto arises from our drive to leave a positive mark on all people, through communication, developing authentic brands that clearly establish a stronger bond with its audience.

Generate value through a creative and impactful communication. Overcome barriers to create timeless and humanistic brands, that are driven to its audience. The idea is simple: consumers value humanized brands that have a personality of their own. The foundation for that humanization is creativity, not only in its communication but in its own essence.
Ingenuity and the continuous search for making things differently, ensures that the brand will stand out and, consequently, grants it value throughout its evolution.

We don’t do anything without creativity

It’s the fuel for evolution. The result of sheer willpower and curiosity. The concept of branding and communication are internally bonded to creativity and humankind’s own creative spirit. Tekna uses creativity to communicate with the world and to develop different solutions for the brands that we work for.

We're not just talking of a smacking design. We want that and something more.

An impactful communication will always make brands stand out from one another. And that impact is achieved by adding social values to brands while keeping the consumer in mind. We’re talking about going further than selling a product or a service, to be ever focused on issues like sustainability and social development.

Impactful and creative communication brings value to brands

Your brand generates value when print and digital media are totally in sync with its values and storytelling, creating an authentic and disruptive communication stream.

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We’ve helped build some of the most innovative and forward-thinking brands